Release Notes

flow5 v7.03 January 16th, 2021

flow5 v7.02 December 6, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_19 November 23, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_18 November 15, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_17 October 25, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_16 October 10, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_15 September 23rd, 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_14 September 3rd 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_13 August 9th 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_12 July 20th 2020

This version introduces the Vortex Particle Wake. A description, a tutorial and a comparison to wind tunnel test results can be found in these documents:

You can also choose to watch the live explanations and the demo on Youtube:
flow5 - Introduction to the Vortex Particle Wake
flow5 - The Vortex Particle Wake
flow5 - The Jibe2 experiment
flow5 - VPW roll-ups (no commentary)

flow5 v7.01_beta_11 June 29th 2020

flow5 v7.01_beta_10 June 21st 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_09 June 14th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_08 May 17th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_07 March 25th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_06 February 19th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_05 January 14th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_04 January 4th 2020

flow5 v7.01.beta_03 December 20th 2019

flow5 v7.01.beta_02 December 1st 2019 - First public release

flow5 v7.01.beta_01 November 24th 2019

flow5 v7.01.alpha_03 November 13th 2019

flow5 v7.01.alpha_02 October 15th 2019

flow5 v7.01.alpha_01 September 28th 2019

flow5 v7.01.alpha_00 September 16th 2019 - Changes vs. xflr5 v6.47