Type 5 - beta polars

Updated May 10, 2021

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Benchmark against AVL

Test case

The test case is the simple 1.5 m span fictitious plane illustrated in the image on the right.
To keep the comparisons with AVL relevant:

  • The fuselage was not included in the model. This is an important simplification in the case of sideslip analyses, since the fuselage usually induces side lift as well as rolling and yawing moments.
  • All flow5 analyses are inviscid. This means that the moments induced by the viscous drag forces are not taken into account. These moments may not be negligible compared to the moment of inviscid forces.

The corresponding flow5 and AVL project files can be downloaded here.

Sanity check: Type 1 comparisons at β=0°

The purpose of this first run is to check that the analysis setups are the same in flow5 and AVL.

Type 5 predictions at α=0°

Type 5 predictions at α=7°

Main observations:

Benchmark against Jibe2 wind tunnel tests

Test case

The experiments and the models are detailed here

Predictions at α=2°

Predictions at α=6°

Main observations

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Conclusion and recommendations

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