flow5 v7.12 release information

Updated May 10, 2021

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Thin surfaces, on-body pressure coefficients

Description and context

flow5 v7.12 corrects an error in the calculation of the pressure coefficients in the case of thin surface panel analyses.
This error does not impact thick surface analyses nor VLM analyses.
Estimations of lift and drag in the far-field plane are unaffected.
The consequence is an error in the evaluation of forces and moment calculated by summation of the pressure forces acting on the panels.

Note that the pressure coefficients calculated on thin surfaces are not actual pressures, but are instead the difference of the pressure forces acting on each side of the surface.

Impact in the case of plane analyses

The consequence of this incorrect evaluation is a divergence of the pitching moment at high aoa, as illustrated in the figure on the right.

Impact in the case of sail analyses

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