Headless mode from command line

Tim asked 3 months ago

I was having some issues with the latest releases user interface crashing on my mac when I try and load the foil module. I have just been running it on Ubuntu in VirtualBox so that’s no problem.
However, the first thing I tried was installing the linux version in a Docker image, I managed to get it running with the xserver piped to the host and it allowed me to input the license key. I didn’t really try and get the hardware acceleration setup so the main GUI doesn’t work but as far as I can see it works fine from the command line to run script files.
I would like to try and get the Docker container to run on a Google Colab instance to set up a optimisation algorithm, but even if I just run the command to load a script file it still tries to load Qt and reports a error if no display is available.
I don’t know how it is all setup and how big a job it would be, but was just wondering about the possibility of either disabling that or having a command line flag which lets it run in a headless instance when you are just passing a script file in? Running it in Docker it’s no problem to input the license key with it attached to a xserver, but it would make it a lot easier if I could then just commit the state to a image and run it headless on a cloud based VM from then on.

André Deperroistechwinder Staff replied 3 months ago

Hi Tim,
I’m afraid that what you are trying to set up is beyond my level of computer technology. Don’t know for instance what “Docker image”, “headless mode” and “Google colab” are, and I have no experience with virtual machines. Given that the analyses run fast thanks to MKL, I don’t understand either the need to use cloud resources to perform the analyses.
flow5 won’t run without the Qt libraries. I tried at some point to use only STL in the code, but it turned out to be complex and considerable work, compared to the ease of use of the Qt libs which come in very handy for most tasks.This is therefore unlikely to change.
On the other hand, identifying and correcting the origin of a crash might be possible. It will require the exchange of trace files, so I’ll send you a PM.