One objective has been to make the flow5 application scriptable, in the sense that it can be run and controlled by a script without use of the GUI.

The method currently implemented is to use XML files to define the geometry data, specify the analysis to perform, and hold the scripting language itself.

This scripting module has been implemented and is operational in flow5 v7.01 alpha. A demo can be viewed here.

It should be noted however that the feature is still experimental and lacks maturity. The goal is to improve it based on user feedback.

As a consequence, the XML format used to define the script components will probably undergo changes during the alpha and beta phases, although best efforts will be made to preserve forward compatibility.

Scripting has not yet been implemented for sail analysis, however it is in the list of things to do.

Finally, scripting capability for foil analysis will be implemented in xflr5, using XML files to interface with flow5. The goal is to enable the execution of comprehensive scripts for analysis of airfoils and planes in one run.