XFoil, xflr5, flow5

Because of the limitations imposed by the GPL, XFoil cannot be included in a closed-source application such as flow5.

Consequently, there is no foil analysis capability in the new application, and flow5 is a 3d-oriented application.

Foils can still be edited and modified as all the options available in xflr5 for foil design and modification have been ported and are available in flow5.

To compensate for the lack of analysis capability, the exchange of airfoil and polar data between xflr5 and flow5 has been made as seamless as possible and should not be a hindrance in flow5. The correct procedure is shown in this video (link).

xflr5 future development

Following the release of flow5, there will be no new additional functionality in xflr5, with the possible exception of the implementation of a scripting capability for foil analysis.

I will continue however to fix bugs and to ensure that there is forward compatibility for data files with flow5.