Fuselage Meshing and Generation in scripting mode

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Antoni DerdaAntoni Derda asked 5 months ago

Hi from what I understand all the geometry control I have regarding fuselage is the xml file where I can specify frames and their position or NURB parameters. Is there anyway to mesh the fuselage automatically from the script? I am aware that mesh quality will not be so great as with “manual” meshing, but I am curious i i could apply simplest meshing in the form of setting maximal size of an element and cutting fuse with wings and then generating. These are just a few clicks in the program and for normal cases maesh is not bad, but i dont know how to do this using scripting module

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André Deperroistechwinder Staff answered 5 months ago

Unfortunately the  generation of the NURBS type fuselage and the meshing cannot be scripted. It can’t really be done in a general way – only in special cases of limited interest.