"Frozen views" after change of AoA in Explorer-view

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Roland TeichmannRoland Teichmann asked 4 months ago

Hi André,
selecting different AoA in Flow5-Explorer-window does not change values in 3D- and polar-view.
Both views remains „frozen“ at AoA=0 after first AoA change.
After recovering my HDD, I’ve this problem and was not able to fix it.

André Deperroistechwinder Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi Roland, There was a change of behaviour introduced in a recent version. You need to press enter after changing the operating point using the keyboard’s arrows.
But this was a step in the wrong direction and I’ll try to restore the previous behaviour.
If by frozen you mean that the application becomes unresponsive and crashes, then this is a major bug which I’ll try to correct fast.

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Roland TeichmannRoland Teichmann answered 4 months ago

Hi André,
wow, bad surprise, because the mentioned behavior ist back although I repeated the reset.

André Deperroistechwinder Staff answered 3 months ago

Fixed in v7.12.
The cause was a bug in the interpretation of numbers when the locale formatting option is activated.