Airfoil polars from XFOIL for scripting purposes

Szymon SzyszkoSzymon Szyszko asked 2 months ago

I started preparing for setting up a scripted job using flow5. Considering that xfoil is not part of flow5 and Xflr5 does not support any sort of scripting, is it possible to import Xfoil polars from the xfoil native output file into scripted flow5 project? The project  I’m working on is optimization orientated. For this reason, the script will be “trying” many different airfoils on many different aircraft configurations. This means it is impossible to manually prepare .xfl file containing polars for all those airfoils. If that is impossible at present, would that be something that could get implemented within next 2-3 months? 
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André Deperroistechwinder Staff replied 2 months ago

Yes, the plan is to implement script analysis for foils in xflr5. The idea is to use xml files to generate .xfl or .plr files which can then be used in the plane scripts.
If you have more specific requirements, feel free to express them.
Will do my best to have the module operational in a few weeks at most.

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André Deperroistechwinder Staff answered 2 months ago

The latest repository version of xflr5 v6.49 is now capable of foil script analysis. If you need a compiled executable, let me know.
A template script is available for download in the documentation section:
The script can be run from the GUI (Ctrl+X) or from the command line:
xflr5 -p -s foil_script.xml
The feature is still experimental, so feel free to report bugs and make suggestions for improvements.

Szymon SzyszkoSzymon Szyszko answered 1 month ago

Thank you André for that. I will work with that in 1-2 months time from now, I will report any bugs/issues I will find! Again, thanks for the quick response and for dealing with that! Szymon