Licenses – foreword

Although flow5 is now operational and usable for 3d design and analysis, with a stable UI, the amount of work which remains on the to-do list is considerable and beyond what can be reasonably achieved as a hobby. For this reason and after some consideration, I have decided to request your financial support to continue the program’s development. This can be viewed as a crowdfunding request, except that the product is already available, even if only in beta-status.

So, for the time being, flow5 is being released on a yearly subscription model at a price of 30€/month. The current price offering is for the beta phase plus one year. The beta phase is expected to last until mid-2020, depending on the volume of feedback and the number of bugs to fix.

Since it is my intent that flow5 remains affordable for students, private users, and education or research organisations, the application is offered at a discount price under two additional license agreements.

  • for personal use, at a price of 10 €/month
  • for education and research organisations, at a price of 20 €/month

The beta phase of the development is included free of charge in the subscriptions.

In the long term there are no firm plans. All options are on the table, including open-sourcing the program or continuing its sale on a subscription basis. This will depend on factors such as the support received and the intent and need to continue, or not, the development. Whatever the decision, the long term intent is that flow5 remains affordable for private individuals.

Again, thanks to every one of you for your continuous support. flow5’s existence today is due in great part to the overwhelming positive feedback you have given over time to xflr5 and sail7.

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