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Updated May 15th, 2020


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Anti-aliasing of curves and text in graphs is now available and activated by default in the Preferences for smoother curves.
Non anti-aliased              anti-aliased
A similar option is available for all 2d views.

Foil anti-aliasing

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Graph export to SVG images - Experimental

SVG stands for "Scalable Vector Graphics". Images in the SVG format can be scaled with only limited loss.
An option has been added to export graphs in the SVG format. In addition, the path to the SVG file is copied to the clipboard to facilitate the insertion in an external document such as a text report or a presentation.
Zoom the scale of this web page to compare the behaviour of PNG and SVG formats.
PNG format              SVG format
An option to export the foil view to SVG image format may be added in a later version.

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Keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Although the majority of the following shortcuts are not new to beta 08, they are not well documented and may not be known.

All Views

All 2d views - including graphs

Spline Views, including fuselage edition


Foil view

3d views

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