Project file save process

Updated April 20, 2021

------------------ WORK IN PROGRESS ------------------


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The process followed under the hood to save the project files has been modified in v7.10 to minimize if not eliminate the risk of project file corruption.


The auto-save feature at regular intervals has been disabled until further notice to eliminate the risk of data modification using the UI at the same time that a background save is occurring. This has been reported as a potential cause of project file corruption.

Manual save

When requested to save the project file, flow5 will

  1. Check that write access is given by the OS to write to the destination path, and if not will return with a message.
  2. Write the project file with the extension ".bak" to the temporary directory defined in the preferences; if this directory does not exist or does not have write access, flow5 will use the system's temporary directory.
  3. If successful, flow5 will send a request to the OS to copy the temporary ".bak" file to the specified ".fl5" file. This operation will be an overwrite if the .fl5 file exists.
  4. Unless an error message is returned, flow5 will send a request to the OS to remove the ".bak" file.

The goals are that

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