flow5 v7.01 beta 11 release information

Updated June 26th, 2020


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Fuselage from interpolated sections

A new type of fuselage has been introduced in beta 11 to build a surface by interpolating frame points. The goal is to allow the construction of a curved surface with more control over the geometry.
The constructed surface is also a NURBS.


Note that interpolation is generally an unstable process whether in 2d or 3d. It can lead to oscillations in the longitudinal and transverse directions if the input points are overconstrained.

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Node forces - trilinear analyses

Up to beta 10 in the case of a tri-linear analyses, the pressure forces and coefficients have been averaged over each triangle before calculating the moments. It has been a choice made to keep things simple and common with the tri-uniform method. This simplifying assumption only makes a difference on pressure forces and moments, not on lift, drag and related quantities.
Starting in beta 11 the pressure forces are not averaged anymore and are presented at nodes instead of at the panel's center.

pressure forces

Although this presentation is more precise and more representative of the way that the analysis is performed, preliminary numerical testing seems to show that it does not make a significant difference to the evaluation of the pitching moment.

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