flow5 v7.01 beta 08 release information

Updated June 13th, 2020


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Fuselage mesher

The advancing front mesher has been improved in beta 08 to handle the case of vertices closer than the length precision. This fixes a case of mesh divergence.

Divergent mesh
Improved mesh
Note that the mesher still requires improvement and may not be able to handle all geometries.
Please send examples of non-satisfactory meshes as test cases which will help improve the mesher.

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Panel bunching - experimental

In some cases, the non-uniform panel distributions "Sine" and Cosine" may lead to excessively small panels locally, and may make it hard to balance the size of the panels at the middle of the surface with the size at its extremities. In an attempt to improve this, new symmetric and asymmetric distributions have been added.

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