Export to STEP crash

Charalampos VourtsisCharalampos Vourtsis asked 5 months ago

Every time I try to export the wing geometry in STEP it crashes.

Charalampos VourtsisCharalampos Vourtsis replied 5 months ago

Happens only with geometry imported from XFLR projects.

André Deperroistechwinder Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi Charalampos,
This may require that you share the project file or the STEP file which causes the problem, so I’ll contact you separately.

Paul HerrmannPaul Herrmann replied 2 months ago

I’ve noted the following when exporting wing geometry in STEP format from V7.01 Beta 12:
TE of aerofoils must all be closed (STEP export will crash Flow5 if attempted on a wing with open TE) the can be replicated with the the XFLR5 V6.47 sample project.
Valid solids are only constructed the first time the export command is executed per session (at least in relation to importing the STEP file in NX)